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Father Michaels contact page.

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Get ahold of Father by E-mail
Father's E-mail address

Havana Office/ Rectory- 309- 543- 6373

Manito Church 309- 968- 6826

 Please do note, father lives at the Recotry in Havana, so if it is important it would be wise to call the Havana office before Manito.

Father Michael Monclova

437 South Orance Street P.o Box 345

Havana, IL 62644


Father Michael Monclova

505 South Adams Street P.o Box 242

Manito, IL. 61546


OR if you want to get ahold of a deacon...

Bill's e-mail- manitodeacon@yahoo.com

Stan's e-mail- sbuczko@casscomm.com

Jon's e-mail- jdosher@theramp.net


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